This or that: A quick Q&A

What item of stationery could you not live without? My typewriter — i love to type up little quotes and note cards.

Are you a doodler or a neat notetaker? More like a manic scribbler than anything; ink blotches and cursive construction.

Lined, plain or dotted notebooks? Definitely lined.

Pen or pencil? Fountain pen. Though i am yet to find any fountain pens that compare to those i used to by in the UK.

Plans in your diary or reflections in your journal? Reflections in my journal. I just started journal this week for the first time ever. I’m terrible at keeping a diary. I get bored and have awful commitment issues, but i’m giving journalling a shot to train a different type of literary medium.

List ticking or creative thinking? Creative thinking, absolutely. I reserve list ticking for my weekly schedule.

Friday night or Sunday morning? Friday night. I dread Sundays — always have.

Morning lie in or afternoon nap? Afternoon nap.

Strong coffee or smooth hot chocolate? Smooth hot chocolate with whipped cream.

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