Bella E. Flynn is an accomplished cathartic writer, vaudeville actor and camera operator from Southern Denmark. She resides in Prison City, Texas where she is currently bleeding out her second novel over a typewriter, and filming silent films. She hopes her first western novel will be making its big debut in the near future. This website follows her life and times on the American Frontier. It’s a good look into the past, and into one woman’s future.


Ameera wont move out

Ameera wont move out. She did great for the farrier last week and had a saddle on. She wasn’t at all bothered by a rider either. But Ameera wont move out. Shes the kinda girl that wont do anything without purpose — if she doesn’t feel like it, thats purpose enough. Like me. Ha. Don’t know who i’m talking about? Read about Ameera & Blindhorse here. 

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85mm lens sample pics

‘m really pleased with this lens. I wanted to invest in a lens that would really bring out the detail and ambience when it came to filming, i knew this one would do the trick!

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western shorts and camera tricks

Western shorts and camera tricks, that’s what our lives have revolved around lately and we got nothing to complain about. We’ve worked hard, we’ve got mad and we’ve had an amazing time starting our production company together.

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