Bella E. Flynn is the king-wrangler of hollow-bone story telling.
Through her writing she bleeds honest raw emotion, struggle through experience and exhibits the truest form of grit. She specialises in Western & Nautical historical fiction, however she also enjoys playwriting, poetry and word vomit prose.     The latter being something she swims in like a footless frog in a broil pot.
Flynn is a new upcoming western novelist and about to embark on the trail of publishing her first novel. With its struggles and complexities, she looks  forward to seeing how it all plays out. This website offers an intimate glimpse of her life in the wild west, becoming a published author and whatever else remains of the future for her.

In 2012 Flynn moved from an old English country town to South East Texas. She was nineteen. In the pineywoods she’d watch the prison ponies living on and nursing foals in the summer time. Spending time drinking long island ice teas at the Stardust bar with a bunch of good looking cowboys. Life in Texas was good and only the beginning of her venture to becoming a western writer. She fell in love and never looked back. Since Texas she’s moved around America and seen almost every state. Currently she is resides in Laramie, Wyoming.

Stay a while, warm yourself by her fire, pick up her books and let them tell you stories of long ago, when the world was harsh, brash, cruel and unfair. Forget your troubles by reading hers. Because life is just too damn short.