Bella E. Flynn is the king-wrangler of hollow-bone story telling,

a broken old soul that sucked on life’s injustices for far too long; her work is truth in its rawest form, depicted by her hauntingly genuine characters and unnervingly authentic milieu. Through her writing  she exhibits the truest form of grit.

A laconic fabricator,  Bella prefers to let her writing do the talking while she squeezes the immoral poison out of life and spins it into a yarn that every stomach can turn to…

In the sweat of Prison City, Texas she weaves her emotional voice driven narratives about real rigid living, whether from horse-back or under the rigging at sea.  She’s lived on the some of the world toughest frontiers and has taken every bite with the wisdom of an old mule. She dedicates herself to her fortes; vomitus prose, slow burning westerns, salty maritime novels and collections of sun bleached poetry. Flynn is the last vaudeville actor any side of the Mississippi and has a passion for the old west, sailing, film and playing her twelve string in the early hours of ass-crack dawn.