Bella E. Flynn is a broken old soul who has sucked on life’s injustices for far too long; her work is truth in its rawest form depicted by hauntingly genuine characters. She is a hollow-bone story teller and known for squeezing the immoral poison out of life and spinning it into a language that every stomach can turn to. Flynn is a laconic fabricator; a western writer.

It is between the sweat of the Piney Woods of Texas and the plains of Wyoming that she creates her emotional voice driven narratives about real rigid living. She lives on the American Frontier and takes every bite with the wisdom of an old mule.  She dedicates herself to her fortes; vomitus prose, slow burning westerns, horse riding and filming. Flynn is the last vaudeville actor any side of the Mississippi and has a passion for the elements.

With her boots firmly in the blood and the dust, Bella E. Flynn is ready to take the world by the curly’s with her debut novel (soon to be announced).

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