Fire in the hole

5:25pm. I stamped my timecard for work and finally loaded the new reel from the Bayou Company on under the film tab. The snow outside is starting to smelt and the ice is freezing all over again. Jack and i made a trip to the gas station for extra supplies because tomorrow and Friday might be worse. This was a mini disaster for us. Our clothes need washing but the laundromat was closed this weekend, we didn’t get a chance to buy food but luckily we got a friend further out of town than us who bought us supplies on his way back from town. 

It’s been good to be home to catch up on Zzz’s and get some reading done. I got some work for Outlaw finished too, and im preparing for a lot more filming opportunities that are coming my way. Big projects and i want to make sure my new work improves and its well thought out. I work full time through the week and now all weekend also. I’m trying to get better at time management so i can create more efficiently and save up for a camera that films in 4k. This latest one felt a little rushed but i wanted to catch the snow before it went away. Little did i know it’d be a week long ordeal. Having said that the first time we tried to film it it was so cold that we had to go inside. I NEVER figured that from Texas at all. I hope yall enjoy the new reel. There’s a lot more coming. For now i’m going to sit an research camera equipment and maybe write some notes for my second novel. Good night everyone. 

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