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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Everything is as it always is here. So this evening i was looking a log cabins for inspiration for my “dream home” that i’ll have on my “dream ranch.”  And i decided to created a pinterest wall here on the blog so you could see what i’m thinking. Do you have ideas for your dreamhome? Are you doing anything to try and achieve said goal? Maybe you already have your dream home. We’re all at different stages and thats just fine. Now that we’re back in Texas we’re a step closer to getting our own place. We just need to get a truck first. I kinda wanted to get a place in Wyoming but land in Wyoming is not cheap whereas in Texas land is a plentiful and we can have a western ranch near the coast. Jack and i love sailing too and island vibes so this way perhaps we can have a bit of all of it. 

We’ve found a place that we’d really like to purchase land one day if the option ever arose for jobs, and thats down near Galveston, Texas. Beautiful land, close to the coast and QUIET. It’s perfect. Everytime we’re down their we fall in love with the place like its the first time. Its not Laramie Wyoming, but nothing ever will be. One day when i’m a famous writer and making some extra money maybe we’ll move up to Sheridan Wyo. or something. Who knows. We never stay any place too long. As long as the ponies and the cat and dog are with us, we’re good. Below is a picture that shows almost exactly the style of cabin/decor i want in my own home. I’d change out the rug on the wall for some saddle blankets and take out the couch. I’d have my saddle in there, an armchair with a cow-skin blanket and a couple of Danish decor pieces here and there.

I just love the old cabin look & rustic feel. I want to live easy and quiet, with a barn for the horses — and a coral outside. A tiki outside area for when Jack is going to grill for us. The two indoor photographs are from a Swedish log cabin and it looks similar to what a Danish one would look like too. 
We’d still have the modern enmities such as air conditioning, plumbing and so forth of course but it’ll be cool to be able to film westerns in our actual home if we wanted to. 

As you can guess we’ll be building our own place if all goes to plan, and i can’t even imagine how much work that entails but i think we can make it happen, and we’ll enjoy the experience together. I just hope i dont get itchy feet one day and decide i want to leave Texas and run back to Wyoming or maybe to Nevada. Though with me we’ll never know. I don’t know myself well enough to say a thing for sure.

I hope you enjoyed my little pinterest wall of what kind of house i want. What does you dream house look like? 

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