Character Inspiration for a brand new novel

Well here it is. Your first official look at character art for my brand new novel project. Brand new as in — i started writing it as recently as two weeks ago after having involuntarily dreamt up a new idea. I say involuntary as i was already 18 chapters into another story….
 These shots were taken with a short film concept i’m writing in mind, but after editing these in Lightroom i realised i had ultimately also managed to channel two characters from my new work in the process. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Several of you have already reached out to me about these shots and suggested i create a series, which is a fantastic idea if i can find the time.  The short film and the novel are two entirely different entities. Currently writing is my main concentration and it will remain that way, however i hope to have a chance to write the short film script that these shots were supposed to publicise.

These two characters are forced together and find themselves heading out into the west where nothing is fair or easy. Now that i think about it i suppose this idea was inspired by a short we made a few years ago called The Outlaw & The Ranger, well you can guess which is which here. I always enjoyed that little video we created and i guess my brain wanted to expand that concept into a book. Of course there are many differences, but i hope you enjoyed a look into what kind of shots i take that happen to inspire the appeareance of some of my characters. Hopefully one day i can get a few other types of models to sit for me so i can have a collection that isn’t just Jacks faces or mine. Having said that, however, the author tends to know their characters best. Haha. If you’re interested in sitting for me — you can go to my contact page and send me an email. 

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