the blind man cometh

I don’t know if i ever posted my little bowl of word vomit about depression and a blind horses. I expect that i didn’t, because it was all too true and cruel for those unaware souls that believe life can only be kind; those who have only seen the world from under a wing.

But i mentioned what it was like. Depression and darkness i mean. Like a blind horse, you dont know, riding you to a cliffs edge of no place.

Well, I found my blind horse and he’ll find the edge, enjoy the breeze and i’ll tell him about the view i see. And he’ll ask me if i’m still all that sad.

“We’re friends you and me. Aint not time for this and that. He’ll turn back south, and only then will we run till morning. All the way home.

From the moment i saw Hank, i was gripped. I often look through animal rescue pages picking which i’d adopt for various reasons. And sometime theres one or two i can’t help return to. So when i saw Hank on my news feed i pulled Jack to me, curling his shirt in my hand.

“Do you seem him Jackie? Isn’t he perfect?”This was weeks ago and every now and again they’ve sent me photographs of him, and i can’t wait to meet him. Yesterday i sent in my application 7/8/2020 and i sure hope i get a chance. I don’t have any equine references or such like, but im hoping that doesn’t stand in my way as how else would i ever be able to get a horse? I’m still holding on to that pipe dream of mine to become a farrier but i dont know how i’ll make that work.

First step is to return home to Texas, save up some dosh and start building that Old West Ranch we’ve dreamed about. I sure home Hank will be our first addition to our herd of rescues.
I’ll be honest with you. I’ve dreamed of cowboying on the back of a good horse all my life, and so i dont believe that i’ve reached the time in my life when i can go out a buy one.  Of course i’d go out and get a horse that is a companion, and not ridable.  I love riding but its not the point of having a horse, at least to me. I’m sure i’ll get one that i can ride one day but for now — im smitten with this guy

Once my application goes through i’m hoping to make a trip down to visit him and see what i think. Depending on the boarding availability at our complex i might have to start by virtually adopting him first, which im fine with. However as far as i know our complex has good room so we’ll see. At this point in time my main concern is trailering him back to Huntsville, as we obviously dont currently own a truck or a horse trailer. Good lad Matt might be able assist somehow or perhaps we can rent something. 

Im such an impatient person, i can’t help but continuously refresh my emails in hopes of hearing about my application. But its obviously a big deal to me you know? The start of the big dream and all that jazzery. 


So here i was minding my own, Trailer Park Boys fucking and blinding in the background. I’d just filled a box with yarn and clothes, after which i took a break and checked my email. And there it was. An email saying that i have officially been approved to come and meet Hank at the ranch, and if we get on i can adopt him.  Honestly, because he’ll be my first personal horse, i was sure they’d decline me. I also have no equine references worth putting on an application. I wont lie it was a shot in the dark and i was certain i missed the target. But within the next few days i will hear from one of the horse trainers and arrange to meet this big fella. And im over the moon. Thats how the hell to start a Monday!


Its August 10th and i’m counting down the days till we all roll down to the deep South of Texas to meet this fella. He’s not the only one i’m going to meet but he’s the reason im going at all. However it might not be a match made under decent light, so just incase i’ve got one or two others i’ll be meeting also. However i hope our souls will fix on eachother. If it all goes well i’ll have to go back to meet him a few more times before i can get him back to our place, but for now im just counting the seconds down ya know? Reading about training and how to adjust for a blind horse. I’m hoping to get him a pal asap. I can’t bare a horse on its own and buddy will do wonders for his confidence i’ll wager.

Well, i met him. Yesterday as it goes. As soon as i had the lead rope in my hand and he edged out to lunge, i felt something i’d never felt before. Ive worked with horses for a long time now. I’ve worked with tough ones, troubled ones and the soft ones; they’re all special. But when i was with this guy it was like floating on air watching him dutifully walk around in a circle and coming into me when it all came to a stop. Nothing was said it was all invisible body language. He kinda bumped me a little as he come close to me. He wasn’t sure how close i was but that’ll come. We’ll find a word to alert him of this and that. I knew there must have been a reason that i was attracted to him the moment i saw that picture, i knew i couldn’t let him get away — the blind horse that will lead me out of the dark. 

Hes an actor, a historian, a costume expert and the best looking guy any side of any place.. and he looks cowboying. Cannot beat this true love business.

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