trials from my balcony

Today isn’t a special day, it’s just another day living in the American West with dreams to guide me.

A dog
LeDoux is dog watching.
Chilling in the cool breeze on my bug net balcony.
A kitten
Lille Alma trying to be brave and join us on the balcony.
Genuine Wyoming sage.
Cacti from every place i’ve been.
Eggs in a frying pan
Lunch is served.


We drove around all god damn day

We drove around all god damn day trying to find a place to wash our clothes, but all the laundry places were full. After a week of apocalyptic weather and survival, i guess i’m not surprised.  We were lucky to make it through the week. We didn’t get a chance to buy food or get anything ready before the weather turned foul. Reckon we didn’t anticipate anything worse than Wyoming winter but we failed to recognise that South East Texas isn’t prepared for this type of thing. We had the boil water warning and two days of black outs but thats about the extent of our misery. We read by oil lamp and we read by daylight. Thankfully there was a dog, a cat and a Jack to keep me warm. And a sweet nordic oven we’ve been carrying around since New England. Our clothes still aren’t washed and we still dont have groceries but that’s what we’ll take care of tomorrow.

A saddle with a saddle blanket
The saddle i refurbished with my new saddle blanket.

Remember that old saddle i bought for $25 dollars that looked like hell, well here it is after i finished refurbished it. The decorative metals still need a little gluing and setting but its pretty much done. I’m planning on trading it with the rescue Hidalgo and Lorie are at for something bigger. They’re looking for a smaller saddle and i want something bigger. So that’ll work out great for us both. They fitting their saddles to Lorie to see what might work best. Sadly i’ve had to put off getting the horses home for a while as it doesn’t feel like its the right time due to my recent diagnosis. Until i feel thats under control i think it would be unfair to bring there here incase i can’t keep up taking care of them. I know i can but right now i can barely wake up for work let alone at 4:30 am to take care of them and everyone else. But we’ll see how it goes. I feel that theyre both mine and i would be DEVASTATED if they were sold to someone else. So right now the rescue and i are trying to find the best solution. Jack and i discussed waiting til we had a truck to haul a trailer so maybe that’ll be what we’ll do. I just hope i can make some extra money to help it come along faster. But it’s gotta be the best for the animals.

A magazine
New reading material.

Horses are a huge responsibility, and i know that. Its something i’ve been thinking about since i was 8 and waited 5 hours outside someones farm to ask if i could help with their horses in exchange for riding lessons. Everyday i would hang around to see if they’d show up. It was before i had a phone so it was about catching when they’d show up at their farm to go help. Tragic. Since that day i have struggled, taken a lot of shit from horse people in different countries just for the chance to be around the horses for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening and now i feel like my own chance to have them is slipping away. I’ll be cruel to be honest, i dont care if i never see Denmark again. I dont mind being fixed in one place to have this dream. They’re worth it to me, and everything is able to be figured out. I’ve spent my life moving around and traveling, im ready to stay at home and feel at home. Im kinda done waiting for that part of my life to start. Im kinda done travelling for other people only to feel it wasn’t worth the $3000. *Shrugs*

A dog on a sofa
My messy living room after a week of living on the sofa.

But as i said, its a huge responsibility. If i have to wait a little longer so be it because i’d like to be sure it wont be an economic catastrophe. Anyway, all that aside. We’ve had a week off and it was so exhausting it felt like no time at all. It was hard work and taxing to have to find ways to survive the circumstances. We were very lucky to have it the way we did, but for the first time ever i was cursing the snow and wishing it away. It was typical i had a week off like i wanted but didn’t write almost at all, but im still struggling to find that middle of writing and reading at home. Im also surprisingly awful and slow at thinking up a climax for a story. I usually word vomit till something sticks.

Television set
Trollhunter on the box this evening. One of my favourite films.

I noticed today that my house looks like a perfect mix of western & nordic & a little nautical, something i always wanted and poof! it randomly happened that way. What does your decor look like? Do you have theme? And here are some pictures of my new kitten Alma, she’s around 4 months old and has a real personality.

A kitten
Lille Alma.
A kitten
Lille Alma.

Fire in the hole

5:25pm. I stamped my timecard for work and finally loaded the new reel from the Bayou Company on under the film tab. The snow outside is starting to smelt and the ice is freezing all over again. Jack and i made a trip to the gas station for extra supplies because tomorrow and Friday might be worse. This was a mini disaster for us. Our clothes need washing but the laundromat was closed this weekend, we didn’t get a chance to buy food but luckily we got a friend further out of town than us who bought us supplies on his way back from town. 

It’s been good to be home to catch up on Zzz’s and get some reading done. I got some work for Outlaw finished too, and im preparing for a lot more filming opportunities that are coming my way. Big projects and i want to make sure my new work improves and its well thought out. I work full time through the week and now all weekend also. I’m trying to get better at time management so i can create more efficiently and save up for a camera that films in 4k. This latest one felt a little rushed but i wanted to catch the snow before it went away. Little did i know it’d be a week long ordeal. Having said that the first time we tried to film it it was so cold that we had to go inside. I NEVER figured that from Texas at all. I hope yall enjoy the new reel. There’s a lot more coming. For now i’m going to sit an research camera equipment and maybe write some notes for my second novel. Good night everyone. 

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is good for a lot of things, tastes like chocolate with hints of black coffee — black like the sole of my feet in the summer time; if ever it comes around again you’ll see. I’m sitting here resting my night after a day of cleaning, filming an instagram reel for outlaw and trying to get things done between blackouts. LeDoux is walking around in circles on the couch trying to find that perfect sweet spot to send him straight to sleep. All the while i’m thinking on reading and how it’ll impact my writing. With the rest of the week at my disposal i hope i can get my ass to sit and write. 


Hoof or Gold

Y’all know i desperately wanted to go to the Wyoming School of Horseshoeing. I was devastated when covid destroyed my plans and that i didn’t get a chance to do it before we had to leave to go back to Texas. Well, one door and one window later. I found a course i can start as soon as next week! It’s not horseshoeing on a bison farm but its natural barefoot trimming with mustang/wild horses hooves as the main model. Living in Wyoming i also realised that i might not be as sold on horse shoes as i am on barefoot ponies. Each has its place but i get excited at the prospect of trimming rather than hammering in the shoes with big ol’ nails. That’s gotta mean something.
And maybe thats why Wyoming horse shoeing didn’t workout, because it wasn’t meant to.

However, we’ll see how i fare with this course and whether or not i think barefoot trimming could be for me. Never know — maybe this could be a career one day or at least a bit of pocket money.

a pinterest wall

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Everything is as it always is here. So this evening i was looking a log cabins for inspiration for my “dream home” that i’ll have on my “dream ranch.”  And i decided to created a pinterest wall here on the blog so you could see what i’m thinking. Do you have ideas for your dreamhome? Are you doing anything to try and achieve said goal? Maybe you already have your dream home. We’re all at different stages and thats just fine. Now that we’re back in Texas we’re a step closer to getting our own place. We just need to get a truck first. I kinda wanted to get a place in Wyoming but land in Wyoming is not cheap whereas in Texas land is a plentiful and we can have a western ranch near the coast. Jack and i love sailing too and island vibes so this way perhaps we can have a bit of all of it. 

We’ve found a place that we’d really like to purchase land one day if the option ever arose for jobs, and thats down near Galveston, Texas. Beautiful land, close to the coast and QUIET. It’s perfect. Everytime we’re down their we fall in love with the place like its the first time. Its not Laramie Wyoming, but nothing ever will be. One day when i’m a famous writer and making some extra money maybe we’ll move up to Sheridan Wyo. or something. Who knows. We never stay any place too long. As long as the ponies and the cat and dog are with us, we’re good. Below is a picture that shows almost exactly the style of cabin/decor i want in my own home. I’d change out the rug on the wall for some saddle blankets and take out the couch. I’d have my saddle in there, an armchair with a cow-skin blanket and a couple of Danish decor pieces here and there.

I just love the old cabin look & rustic feel. I want to live easy and quiet, with a barn for the horses — and a coral outside. A tiki outside area for when Jack is going to grill for us. The two indoor photographs are from a Swedish log cabin and it looks similar to what a Danish one would look like too. 
We’d still have the modern enmities such as air conditioning, plumbing and so forth of course but it’ll be cool to be able to film westerns in our actual home if we wanted to. 

As you can guess we’ll be building our own place if all goes to plan, and i can’t even imagine how much work that entails but i think we can make it happen, and we’ll enjoy the experience together. I just hope i dont get itchy feet one day and decide i want to leave Texas and run back to Wyoming or maybe to Nevada. Though with me we’ll never know. I don’t know myself well enough to say a thing for sure.

I hope you enjoyed my little pinterest wall of what kind of house i want. What does you dream house look like?